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Greece Crisis Is Personal As Well As Political, As Greeks’ Lives Worsen

Via: Huffington Post

Like many Greeks left unemployed by their country’s economic tailspin, Dimitris Spachos finds it easier to talk about his nation’s problems than his own.

Enormous debt accumulated over decades sent the country into a recession so deep it kills 200 businesses and 900 jobs EVERY DAY. Elections this month failed to produce a government, and Greeks will vote again in June. Meanwhile, life for most Greeks continues to get worse.

“Every day I see more people sleeping rough on the street,” said Spachos, 72. “They can’t even wash their clothes or themselves. … It worries me.”

Spachos, who has been staying with different friends in recent months, may soon join them. A former doctor, he could not afford to retire and found work as a hospital orderly. But as Greece’s woes mounted so did his own, and he lost his job, then two more: one as a gardener and one as a groundskeeper.

Now, he is unemployed and homeless, and spoke this week at a municipal soup kitchen, where he ate a plastic bowl of bean soup, a thick slice of bread and a banana.

“I am ashamed to be here,” Spachos said, his eyes filling with tears. “My heart is broken.”

“Greeks have fight in them, so maybe things will improve in a couple of years,” he said, opening his shirt to reveal a scar from surgery to implant a pacemaker. “But I won’t be around to see it.”


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personal thought:

” . . . so maybe things will improve in a couple of years”; I hate to say, but I think it might be very much worse in a couple of years.


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