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‘the TRUTH of the Day’








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Trayvon Martin


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“Quote of the Year”


Via: Free World Post.com


National Rifle Association President (NRA) president Jim Porter

“I’m very proud to be taking the lead here at the NRA. We need to really buckle down and strap on our best arguments to defend what is our God-given rights. No more northern folk tryin’ take away what is rightfully ours. I will not stand by and let some liberal-elitists try to ruin what has made this country great, especially a liberal of, you know, a different breed.”


When asked to clarify Porter said,

“I don’t have to clarify. You know gall darn well what I mean. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before we can own colored people again. They sure as hell won’t be our leaders. It’s out-right embarrassing. The War of Northern Aggression  (Civil War) made it all possible, and you be best to know it’s all gonna change back.

I’ll be on the front lines making sure it happens. I don’t want my grandkids growing up taking orders from a colored man (President Obama).

It’s our God-given right to keep them as property and keep them in line.”



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“Quote of the Day”

Via: Think Progress

“Well this person shouldn’t have had any kind of weapons and bombs and other devices and it was ILLEGAL for him to have many of those things already.

But he had them.

And so we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. It won’t.”

– Mitt ‘the disconnected from reality’ Romney (See photo)


In fact, 24-year-old Holmes LEGALLY PURCHASED every firearm, bullet, and piece of tactical gear that he used for the attack, according to local law enforcement. He bought most of it over the Internet. Mentally ill people are barred from purchasing firearms, but Holmes had no previous record of illness, and would not have been flagged in a background check.



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Senator Ayn Rand Paul (R-KY) – GOP Moron of the Day

Via: Mother Jones

In February, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sent out an urgent message to his supporters.

The subject was the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, a pact under consideration by the UN that would wipe out Americans’ Second Amendment rights. If it were to be ratified by the Senate, Paul wrote, it would allow the government to “CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL ‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms.” And that would be just the beginning. Once implemented, the treaty it would mandate that all guns be registered with the international body, paving the way for “full-scale gun CONFISCATION.”

Only there’s no such thing as the UN Small Arms Treaty. The senator was broadcasting unfounded propaganda being disseminated by an extreme gun group.

Paul was writing on behalf of the National Association for Gun Rights, a Second Amendment organization that considers the National Rifle Association too moderate.



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