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Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) – ‘GOP Moran of the Day’

Via: Capital Hill Blues

Remember all those grand promises by the tea party-backed Republicans who promised to put an end to wasteful spending and pork-barrel earmarks?

Just more hypocritical political posturing.

While talking the big plan to be fiscally responsible the Republican freshmen have packed a huge $553 billion spending bill with millions of pet defense projects for their home districts.

Yep. Pork barrel is still alive in the halls of Congress and the pigs at the trough are the ones voters sent to Washington to end the wasteful practice.

Of course, Republicans claim the money for the projects aren’t pork. Of course not. Pork is when the money is spent by the other guys in someone else’s district. If it’s in your own district it’s necessary.


Palazzo’s slice of the fat-ass pig:

Republican Steven Palazzo used anti-pork barrel spending rhetoric and tea party backing to beat Democratic conservative Gene Taylor in Mississippi.

– He added $10 million to buy land to expand a National Guard facility in his district

– and another $19.9 million to “ship preliminary design and feasibility studies” at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula — also part of his district.



Will the teabaggers in his district, or ANY district for thast matter, care about the $29.9 million extra, which was not, I repeat NOT, in the Defense Department budget?

Oh hell no, as long as it’s not ‘pork’ for: education, clean energy, health care, FEMA, . . .


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