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Philippines Street Life – Image Gallery

Via: Entertainment Web


See 51 more photos, HERE:



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Philippines earthquake – Image Gallery


Filipino evacuees wait for food relief  in the town of Sagbayan, damaged by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Bohol province, central Philippines, Oct. 17. Nearly 300 were injured in Oct. 15  magnitude-7.2 tremor, the worst to hit the Philippines in two decades.  (Dennis M. Sabangan/EPA) 

Via: Boston Globe

A powerful 7.2 earthquake hit the Philippines this week, killing at least 160 and injuring hundreds.

The quake was centered below the island of Bohol, toppling many buildings in the area including several historic churches.


See another twenty-nine heart wrenching photos, HERE:




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Vintage Beauties

Via: Vintage Photography

Luzon Woman – circa 1870-1914

Luzon is the largest island in the Philippines.
It is located in the northernmost region of the archipelago, and is also the name of one of the three primary island groups in the country centred on the island (the other two being the Visayas and Mindanao). Luzon as an island group includes Luzon proper, the Batanes and Babuyan groups of islands to the north, and the outlying islands of Catanduanes, Marinduque, Masbate, Romblon, and Mindoro.
Luzon is the economic and political center of the Philippines, being home to the country’s capital city, Manila.
See more photos, HERE:

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Michael Weiner (R-NM) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Huffington Post

Michael Wiener, a GOP county commissioner in New Mexico, is being asked to resign after a picture of him posing with scantily clad women in a well-known red light district in the Philippines surfaced earlier this week.

“The very nature of those photos, I think is sufficient to warrant that commissioner Wiener resign,” fellow County Commissioner Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democratic U.S. House candidate, told New Mexico’s KOB 4.


The controversy came to light on Wednesday when photographer John Keatley, an American who was in an area of Angeles City to document the thriving sex tourism industry, posted the photo on his blog. Wiener has denied any wrongdoing in the matter, adamantly maintaining that he was in the Philippines to visit his young daughter and fiancée and that he took a trip to the sex trade hot bed during an airport layover. He also claims he didn’t even stay in the area overnight.

note: You can get a ‘quick-sheet joint’, anywhere/everywhere, probably even upstairs.


Talking Points Memo has tracked down Keatley, however, who is skeptical of Wiener’s visit to that part of town. From their interview:

“You can’t assume anyone there on the street is there for sex,” Keatley said Thursday in an interview with TPM. “But my encounter with Michael Wiener was very different. … It was very obvious to me that he was not respectful to women. He was there to have a good time.”

Keatley said the women in the photo were what are called “bar girls.” They are often prostitutes who work at bars in a section of the city known to have one of the most booming sex trades in the world. “There is this place where everyone is for sale and boatloads of Americans are going there for one purpose only,” Keatley said.

Keatley also told TPM that he overheard Wiener making some comments toward the women, such as suggesting to one of them that she could touch his penis (weiner?). Wiener has denied making such a remark.



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A ‘Liter of Light’

Via: Tywkiwdbi

A bottled liter of water with a few teaspoons of bleach is proving to be a successful recipe for dwellers in the light-deprived slums of the Philippines. The simple technology is spreading sunlight in places where it has never been, and saving residents money at the same time. Gemma Haines reports.

check out the video:




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Via; Yahoo News – Philippines

‘Bottle bulbs’ to provide light to poor’

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim painted a bright green future for families living in one of the informal settlements in the city during the launching of community-based solar lighting project that benefited at least 120 make-shift homes.

Lim chose the Baseco area in the fifth district of Manila as the pilot area for the project where 120 households were provided with solar bottle bulbs.


Lim said a lot of companies had been offering costly solar projects but Meralco presented a proposal that would cost only from P150 to P200 ($3.50 to $4.65 USD) per home.


With this in place, Lim said the residents can now do away with using candles or kerosene lamps which only poses danger and the possibility of causing fire.


The bottle will act as lens and provide a tremendous amount of interior light equivalent to 55 watts during daytime, so that there is no more need to use electricity.




‘Busy street near Pritil Market’ – Tondo, Manila



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‘Mabuhay, Manila!’

I wrote this in an e-mail several years ago, ok many years ago, after a visit to Manila.


Manila is NOT one of the ‘Most Beautiful Cities in the World’ because it’s crowded, dirty, smelly, etc, etc, etc.

But, Good Gawd Almighty, I love this town.

To me it’s always, “all about the people”, and ah Manila, is absoluetly wonderful!!!

A while back, I took a cab from the airport to Makati, which is the commercial / hotel / entertainment heart of the city.

When I got into the cab, the young Filipino driver was playing the theme to the old TV show ‘Miami Vice’, set fairly high, maybe a 4.

He said, “Sorry Sir, I turn down.”

I always thought there are similarities between Miami and Manila, and the tune could have easily have been called ‘Manila Vice’, so I asked him to ‘pump it up’, maybe to a 8 or 9.

He said, “Sir, did you say UP?”

I said, “o’o, salamat.”

He said, “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.”

And oh, it just felt ‘so right’!!!

The traffic into the city was terrible as always, but the laughs and beautiful smiles from the young Filipinas in the jeepneys when they first saw the literally “vibratin’ Toyota” was wonderful indeed.

BUT THEN, to see them get into the beat and start dancin’, made it the BEST $7 taxi ride of my life.




I plan on leaving Chiang Mai during the next ‘burning season'(March /April).


I’m thinking about, going to breath the clean air in Manila.

cough, cough cough, cough

Okay, okay, you’re right, there is seldom, if ever, clean air in Manila; so after a few days in Manila, I plan to head up to Baguio.


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