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Petition To Deport Piers Morgan For Gun Control Support Reaches 60,000 Signatures


Via: Thnk Progress

A petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan (see photo) over his heated comments on gun control has reached more than 62,000 signatures in just 4 days, far exceeding the threshold required for a White House response. A petition must get 25,000 signatures in 30 days in order to elicit a response.

In the wake of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut that left 27 dead, Morgan has become a vocal advocate for tighter gun regulations. Specifically, he is calling for a ban on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons, as well as strict background checks on gun sales. According to the petition, Morgan’s comments are no less than “a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution”.


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However, the UK also has a petition saying that they don’t want him back!


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Is Piers Morgan next?

Via: Huffington Post

Piers Morgan may be the next person to become entangled in the British media’s ever-widening scandal, as members of Parliament have begun calling for the CNN host and former Daily Mirror editor to come in for questioning on phone hacking at the Mirror and other British tabloids.

The calls came after it was revealed that Morgan, who replaced Larry King in January and was editor at News of the World before going to the Mirror in 1995, has known about phone hacking techniques since at least 2001.


British blogger Guido Fawkes posted the following excerpts from Morgan’s 2005 autobiography:

“Apparently if you don’t change the standard security code that every phone comes with, then anyone can call your number and, if you don’t answer, tap in the standard four digit code to hear all your messages. I’ll change mine just in case, but it makes me wonder how many public figures and celebrities are aware of this little trick.”


The blogger alleges that Morgan was aware that phone hacking was used to write a story  about an affair between Swedish television presenter Ulrika Jonsson and football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson in April 2002.

The story later won Morgan the “Scoop of the Year” prize at the British Press Awards.



Q: Will Morgan be the next to go?

A: Gawd, I hope so; and NO, I don’t want CNN to bring back King!


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