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Texas – ‘Police Gone Wild’, again

Via: Think Progress

1 Months after their conduct was discovered, two police officers were disciplined for making a game of stealing signs from homeless people in Midland, Texas — and many believe the cops’ punishment was not harsh enough to fit the offense.

In the town with an estimated 300 homeless people, investigators reported 8 signs in Officer Derek Hester’s patrol vehicle, and Officer Daniel Zoelzer was discovered to have trashed an additional 10. Both officers claimed that they took the signs after issuing trespass warnings, but no such warnings were recorded in 2013. Text messages between the two show the officers expressing concernsabout being found out, although one of the men’s texts read, “Oh I don’t care lol I’m not worried.”

After an internal investigation, which was not originally publicized, Hester and Zoelzer were suspended for three unpaid days. Zoelzer and Hester were first probed when another, unidentified cop reported Hester for procuring brass knuckles and refusing to turn them in as evidence; the police department learned of the game when looking into the matter.

The suspension occurred two months after the police department first heard about the officers’ misconduct, but despite backlash, Police Chief Price Robinson contends that the disciplinary measure was satisfactory.



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FLORIDA – cop fired for EIGHTH time after leaving police AR-15 with friend


Via: Raw Story

The Opa-Locka Police Department in Florida on Wednesday argued before an arbitrator that one of their own officers deserved to be fired — for the sixth time — because he left his department AR-15 assault-style rifle with a friend.

The department told arbitrator Jeanne Wood that Sgt. German Bosque should be terminated because he had left a city-owned, 30-round assault rifle like the one used to slaughter 20 elementary school children last year in Connecticut in the hands of his then-girlfriend’s father.

Bosque’s attorney, however, argued that the rifle was in good hands with the girlfriend’s father, who Bosque called “Daddy,” because he was a licensed security guard.

Anyone can legally purchase this weapon,” union attorney Andrew Axelrad said on Bosque’s behalf.

Not just anyone can purchase one from the Opa-locka police department,” city attorney Joe Geller shot back.

According to WFOR, Bosque has been fired EIGHT times by three police departments in Florida, including six firings from his job at Opa-locka. WFOR noted that Bosque was the “most disciplined, fined, fired, arrested police officer in the state.”


Over the years, he has faced allegations of:

–  busting the skull of a suspect

– beating juveniles

– having drugs in a patrol car

– stealing from suspects, falsifying reports

– conducting an unauthorized car chased where four people were killed

– “calling in sick…from Cancun.”



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1930 – London – Policemen testing life-jackets

Via: Retronaut



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Scranton, PA, Defies Court Order; Reduces Police Officers, Firefighters’ Pay To Minimum Wage

Via: Think Progress

Ignoring a federal judge’s injunction, Scranton, Pennsylvania moved ahead with its plan to reduce the pay of city workers to the federal minimum wage starting Friday. Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty claims the city is broke and that the minimum wage payments are all it can possibly pay, the Scranton Times Tribune reports:

Amid Scranton’s ever-deepening financial crisis, Mayor Chris Doherty said his administration is going forward with a plan to unilaterally slash the pay of 398 workers to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour with today’s payroll, insisting it is all the city can afford.

That will likely earn administration officials an appointment with Judge Michael Barrasse, who granted the city’s police, fire and public works unions a special injunction temporarily barring the administration from imposing the pay cuts after a brief hearing Thursday.


Many of those workers are police officers, firefighters, and other public safety workers, industries that have been slammed by contractions in state and local budgets since the Great Recession. Congressional Republicans repeatedly blocked efforts to extend aid to the states that would have helped shore up their budgets and keep these workers on payroll. In the case of Scranton, such aid may have helped the city actually pay its workers a living wage instead of a federal minimum that hasn’t been raised since 2006 and has less buying power than it had in 1968.



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Getting dumber by the day!

Via: Dependable Renegade

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign isn’t backing off the candidate’s claim that America needs fewer teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Instead, FORMER New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R), a top Romney campaign surrogate, backed Romney’s call this morning, telling MSNBC that changes in technology (wtf???) and population shifts have made layoffs of teachers and public safety officials necessary.

America – Fuck YEAH!




personal thought:

Actually, what it’s about is turning over the police, fireman and teaching jobs to the private sector. $$$’s

And to put this in perspective, think about calling the average ‘shopping mall’ security guy at 3 o’clock, because someone is trying to break into your house.


‘population shifts’ ; MORE ‘people of color’.

So why should we spend OUR MONEY on them?

Racism, pure and simple.


Gump was right, “Stupid is, as stupid does”.


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The Day the Law Left Town

Via: WSJ

ALTO, Texas—People here are bracing for a spike in crime after the city put its police force on furlough.

“Everybody’s talking about ‘bolt your doors, buy a gun,’ “ said Monty Collins, Alto’s mayor, who was against the measure.

City Council members sent the police home when they decided they couldn’t afford them. On June 15, the police chief and his four officers secured the evidence room, changed the passwords on their computers and locked the department’s doors for six months—longer if local finances don’t improve by then.

For now, the Cherokee County sheriff’s office, based 12 miles north in Rusk, is policing Alto, a city of about 1,200. Sheriff James Campbell said the extra load would strain his 25 deputies and reservists, who oversee a 1,000-square-mile territory. The sheriff is already responsible for the nearby city of Wells, which has a population of about 800 and earlier this year shed its only police officer. Crime went up initially, he said, but has stabilized.

“I’m going to try, but I can’t guarantee you there will always be an officer in the town,” Sheriff Campbell said of Alto.



Bank Robbery Attempt in Town, Police Furloughed

Via: Houston Chronicle

ALTO, Texas    — Four people have been caught allegedly trying to rob a bank  in an East Texas town where the police force recently was laid off to save  money.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has handled law enforcement in Alto,  located 130 miles southeast of Dallas, since the city council furloughed the  five-person police department in mid-June.

Sheriff James Campbell says a call came in Wednesday afternoon about masked  people trying to enter a bank in Alto. The bank in the town of 1,300 had closed  for the day and the door was locked, but employees saw a person with a gun and  called for help.

Authorities say three men and a woman were caught after a chase to nearby  Rusk. All will face charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest.




If we don’t start generating good paying jobs (taxes); your city/town could be next.


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Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has launched an aggressive campaign against government services since taking office, slashing funding on everything from unemployment insurance to education to aid for homeless veterans, to high-speed rail, helping him become the least popular governor in America just six months into his term.

But his latest target is one of his boldest yet.

According to a report by Florida’s Capitol News Service, Scott wanted to disband the Florida Highway Patrol during the last legislative session, but was rebuffed by the state’s sheriffs, who would have been forced to takeover the disbanded forces’ duties. Aimed at cost-cutting, the move would likely have increased local property taxes, which are used to pay sheriff’s departments:

“If a deal was worked out, the funding might be here one year and the funding could disappear in the next legislative session,” Harrell Reid, president of the Florida Sheriff’s Association said. […]

Rick Scott side stepped the question of why he was willing to transfer the Patrol to local sheriffs. […] “It’s good to have a  conversation about how can we do a good job with what the state ought to be involved with in law enforcement,” Scott said.

Even Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight, who served on Scott’s transition team, slammed the idea. “[T]he sheriff’s office is not equipped to handle those additional burdens and responsibilities.”

Rich Roberts with the International Union of Police Associations agreed, saying the plan could create a “greater danger to the public” by decreasing response times and operational efficiency.


No wonder that after 20 years of supporting Republicans for governor, Florida police unions abandoned Scott.

The Broward County Police Benevolent Association even held a “Party to Leave the Party” two weeks ago in which their members left the GOP en masse.



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