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Decline in Abortions Under Presidents



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Cardinal Dolan (R-NY) – ‘Xristian Xrazy of the Day’

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Pope-Sunday Services

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Roman Catholic Church has been “OUTMARKETED” on the issue of gay marriage and has been “caricatured as being anti-gay.”

Dolan’s conversation with “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory will air Sunday on NBC.

Asked why the church is losing the argument on gay marriage, Dolan says it’s a tough battle when forces like Hollywood, politicians and “some opinion-molders” are on the other side.

But he said the gay marriage debate is not over and the church will not give up on it.


On another divisive issue, Dolan said the Catholic Church has long championed comprehensive health care.

But he indicated that U.S. Catholic bishops cannot support the Affordable Care Act as long as it includes coverage for abortion.





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Q: HOW do you reduce ABORTIONS in the U.S.? – A: Obamacare


Via my favorite website: BitchMedia.com


Q: Is birth control covered by these new public plans?

A: It’s better than that—since 2012, all health insurance has been mandated to cover all the costs of birth control. So not only do the new public plans cover the cost of birth control, anyone with private insurance shouldn’t be shelling out a co-pay for birth control, either. Yay!

The only plans that do not currently cover birth control without co-pays are “grandfathered” plans: plans created before March 2010 (when the President signed the healthcare law) that haven’t made significant changes yet. Fortunately, these plans are required to make changes soon and eventually the distinction between the two plans will disappear.


Q: What kind of birth control is covered?

A: All of the kinds! Health insurance covers the cost of all of the different kinds of FDA-approved birth control and sterilization procedures, including long-term options like like IUDs and implants. This is great news because long-term birth control options are incredibly effective but the high upfront cost can keep them from being accessible to everyone. However, some insurance companies will not pay for the brand-name version of a birth control method if there is a generic version offered.


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TEXAS – Abortion Restrictions Declared Unconstitutional By Federal Judge


Via: Huffington Post

New abortion restrictions passed by the Texas Legislature are unconstitutional and will not take effect as scheduled on Tuesday, a federal judge has ruled.

District Judge Lee Yeakel wrote Monday that the regulations violated the rights of abortion doctors to do what they think is best for their patients and would unreasonably restrict a woman’s access to abortion clinics.


So Texas/Perry (See Photo), you don’t like the U.S. Constitution, huh?

Well then do us all a favor, and secede.

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