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Candice Miller (R-MI) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


Via: Raw Story

“I think some kind of false border security number doesn’t really get us anything in terms of maximizing border safety,” the DHS secretary told a House committee last week. “For those who are seeking immigration reform, the suspicion, quite frankly, is that some sort of false border security metric — if you could ever decide on one holy grail — is actually a reason to never get to reform of the underlying system.”

But Miller insisted that the Napolitano was just making excuses for a failure to secure the border.

“IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENTRY!”  (see photo) she told NPR. “But to just say, ‘well, it’s tough, you know, hard to do, so therefore, we can’t do it’ is  not the correct answer.”



‘So many choices, so little time’


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