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’54 – the back of this photo …


has in My Dad’s writing, “Rome – New Years’ Eve – ’54″

I know how my Mom could cook, so this had to be ‘only one of many’ tables laid out in preparation for the party.

Prior to Rome, if any us had broken a glass, plate, or whatever, it wouldn’t have been a good thing, right?

Well when this happened during 1953, it was met with a ‘no problem’, and then she would quietly say, “Great, we’ve got some more!!”


Well it turns out, my Mom had heard of an Italian tradition, possibly/PROBABLY no longer followed, where the broken glass would be saved during the year, and be discarded at the sound of the New Year church bells. This of course would signify out with the old, in with the new, with hopes for even a better New Year.

And when I’m talking about discarding, I’m not talking about discarding into a dumpster, but ‘out the window’/ ‘off the balcony’!!

By this time, I was already (still am for that matter) in love with the Italians, but to see glass being thrown out of four and five story windows to the streets below. WOW!!!

Note: a few hours later, the streets were all clean, and you would never have known it had happened.

That is, if you hadn’t seen it, or for that matter, heard it.


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Herbert List – Image Gallery

Via: Facie Populi

Roma, 1949


See more photos, HERE:



Herbert List (October 7, 1903–April 4, 1975) was a German photographer, who worked for magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Life, and was associated with Magnum Photos.

His austere, classically-posed black-and-white compositions, particularly of male nudes, taken in Italy and Greece have been highly formative for modern photography, with contemporary fashion photographers like Herb Ritts being clearly influenced by List’s style. He is also noted for his erotic street photography.

Read more, HERE:



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Rome a statue of Pope John Paul II brings out the critics

Via: New York Times

The backdrop may be the Termini train station, but the chatter these days evokes a Damien Hirst opening. The object of the attention is a 17-foot-tall bronze sculpture of Pope John Paul II unveiled on May 18, his birthday

The verdict, at least as registered by the Italian news media and several online polls, is a merciless thumbs down.

The starkly spare sculpture by a Rome-based artist, Oliviero Rainaldi, depicts the pope condensed into a massive mantle as if to envelop the faithful. It has been alternately described as:

–  a sentry box

– a bell

–  a papal vespasiano, as Romans call a urinal.

(Vespasian was the first-century emperor who levied a tax on urine, which was used for tanning leather.)


The crescendo of outrage grew so rapidly that Rome’s traffic cops had to be deployed to keep a 24-hour watch to ward off potential vandalism until video cameras could be installed on surrounding lampposts.




Now, if the ‘Big One’ had hit Rome as predicted on May 11; ‘Direi che questo sarebbe stato uno di una pagina sei piani.’


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Romans gripped by fear of quake forecast for May 11

Via: Reuters

If tourists find Rome unusually quiet next Wednesday, the reason will probably be that thousands of locals have left town in fear of a devastating earthquake allegedly forecast for that day by a long-dead seismologist.

For months Italian internet sites, blogs and social networks have been debating the work of Raffaele Bendandi, who claimed to have forecast numerous earthquakes and, according to internet rumors, predicted a “big one” in Rome on May 11.

The national television network RAI has run programs aimed at calming rising panic among Romans. The civil protection agency has issued statements reiterating the official scientific view that earthquakes can’t be predicted.



Silvio: Avete sentito l’spostare eart, il mio piccolo cuore ladro?

Ruby: ???


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