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Nikki Haley (R-SC) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

Haley has been advancing a plan to force jobless South Carolinians to pass a drug test before they can receive unemployment insurance, claiming an epidemic of substance abuse. The problem was so unbelievable, Haley said last month, that at the Savannah River nuclear site, “[of] everybody they interviewed, half of them failed a drug test.”

So unbelievable, in fact, that a spokesman for the Department of Energy, which owns the site, told the Huffington Post’s Arthur Delaney “he had no idea what Haley was talking about.”

The site doesn’t even test applicants, just people who have already been accepted, and the rate of those who fail drug tests is LESS than 1 PERCENT.

At first, Haley’s office doubled down on the claim, blaming others for faulty numbers, but in an interview with the AP today, Haley said she’ll be more careful before blindly repeating things people tell her without checking them:

“I’ve never felt like I had to back up what people tell me. You assume that you’re given good information,” Haley said.

“And now I’m learning through you guys that I have to be careful before I say something.” (yeah, you think?)

Haley said she’d probably repeated “a million times” the story that about the test failures.



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