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Suzi Schmidt (R-IL) – for the 2nd time in less than a year, the ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Wonkette

Illinois crazytime state lawmaker update alert newsbreak: GOP state Senator Suzi Schmidt, the curiously thrilled human pictured above, was arrested for, uh, “damaging” an animal feed bag belonging to the neighbors and was later served with an “emergency stalking no contact order.”



From the local ABC News station:

The state senator was arrested on a warrant when a deputy spotted her at a Menards store in Gurnee Tuesday. She is charged with criminal damage to property and criminal trespass to property. Both are misdemeanors.

Schmidt is accused of damaging a neighbor’s animal feed bag last week, and there reportedly was some kind of argument.

Authorities say she has been harassing the neighbors for the last year. A court order shows she sent several harassing texts and emails to the neighbors and allegedly had a confrontation with the neighbors’ 7-year-old son.

Authorities also outfitted the Lake Villa Republican with an emergency stalking, no-contact order, concerning her neighbors.

Yeah, we were hoping for a few more details around that whole “accused of damaging a neighbor’s animal feed bag” part of it, too.

But that is why God gave you imaginations, children!

And Illinois politicians.





Her first GOP Moron of the Day’ (September 20, 2011)



Q: Do you think she will be honored with a third ‘GOP Moron of the Day’?

A: Oh hell, yeah!


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Suzi Schmidt (R-IL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Daily Herald

Editor’s note: The 911 audio tapes have been edited to remove personal  identification information.

State Sen. Suzi Schmidt mentioned being a former Lake County Board chairman  and her “connections” on a December call asking a 911 dispatcher to ignore her  husband if he summoned help, according to a recording released Wednesday.


Monday’s call was the THIRD sheriff’s response to the couple’s Lake Villa  Township house since Dec. 25, 2010. Authorities also didn’t seek criminal  charges based on the domestic violence complaints from last December or Aug.  16.

Robert Schmidt declined to comment. Suzi Schmidt didn’t return calls, but  issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon that, in part, addressed the use of  her political status on the 911 recordings.

“On the 911 call, I identified myself — but I NEVER intended to  inappropriately use my title. However, I apologize if any of my comments during  this very emotional time seem inappropriate,” she said.

Suzi Schmidt, elected to a 2-year state senate term in 2010, called a 911  dispatcher at 9:55 a.m. Dec. 25 because she believed her husband soon would be  doing the same.

“Hi Allison, this is Suzi Schmidt. {Did I mention?}, I was the Lake County Board chairman for  10 years,” she said on the 911 recording obtained through a Freedom of  Information Act request. “Listen, I’m having a little problem with my husband  right now.”

“Like a domestic-type problem?” the dispatcher inquired.

Suzi Schmidt said all was fine at the home (outside the front door, not  so good), then provided some detail on what  she wanted from the 911 dispatcher.

“If he calls, Bob Schmidt, you can ignore him.

Of COURSE, I just caught him with another woman, so that’s why I’m a little upset,” she said.

Suzi Schmidt, 60, said she locked out her husband on that frigid Christmas Day and that’s why he might try to seek help from police.

“He might (call), except he’s kind of afraid of me because he knows I have connections,” she told the emergency dispatcher.




Republican Suzi Schmidt of Lake Villa Township, with her husband, Robert, and  mother Lou Reyes (possibly, the other woman?) as they await election results on the night she defeated  Democrat Michael Bond for the Senate District 31 seat.


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