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Hasn’t paid taxes in MORE than 20 YEARS!


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U.S. Tax Evasion


personal thought:

1. Cuts to the Military Retiree Pensions, AND unemployment insurance, AND food stamps, AND Head Start, etc, etc.

2. This is ONLY one Swiss bank,Credit Suisse. If you add the other Swiss banks, and banks in Luxemburg, Cayman Islands, Panama, etcetera – the total is WELL OVER a TRILLION Dollars!

3. I applaude Senator McCain for his comments; but as a reminder, McCain has been in Congress for OVER thirty-years. Maybe, a cat had his tounge. The bastard!


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“Quote of the Day”

The speculation is some years his son paid zero taxes; that’s right, ZERO TAXES!

“But Daddy!” whined Mittens.



UPDATE (30-July):

Mitt Romney: I paid ‘substantial’ taxes ‘so far as I can recall’




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Rich Cheats Handed Over $2.7 Billion in Taxes on Offshore Accounts

Via: Atlantic Wire

The rich (see photo) pay taxes differently, apparently, than you and me.

Today the IRS said that a total of 30,000 individuals have come forward in a voluntary disclosure program for tax cheats that already has yielded the IRS $2.7 billion from offshore bank accounts in places like Switzerland and Bermuda, according to reports from the AP and Bloomberg. And yet, as one tax attorney told Bloomberg, it’s “still only a FRACTION of the people who have these accounts.”

The word “voluntarily” in the paragraph above maybe deserved some quotation marks, because the alternative to coming clean for a lot of these tax evaders is prosecution. The IRS has been cracking down on the wealthy who funnel money to offshore accounts as of late.

“The results we’re seeing today were unthinkable just a few short years ago,” IRS head honcho Douglas Shulman told the press today. “The world has clearly changed.”

But this may be it for the well-to-do willing to disclose. There had been two rounds of the program so far, and another tax attorney interviewed by Bloomberg doubts there will be a third one, given the moral hazard further rounds create. “It would be like catching a bus. You miss one and you wait for the next one,” he said.

Time to draw up the indictments.



personal thought:

That’s great to talk about ‘catching a second bus’ for tax cheats; but if someone is dealing crack on a ‘city bus’, does he/she get a 2nd chance?



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2710 Thomes Rd, Cheyenne, WY – where corporations go to AVOID taxes

Via: Reuters

The secretive business havens of Cyprus and the Cayman Islands face a potent rival: Cheyenne, Wyoming.

At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered. The building, 2710 Thomes Avenue, isn’t a shimmering skyscraper filled with A-list corporations. It’s a 1,700-square-foot brick house with a manicured lawn, a few blocks from the State Capitol.

Neighbors say they see little activity there besides regular mail deliveries and a woman who steps outside for smoke breaks. Inside, however, the walls of the main room are covered floor to ceiling with numbered mailboxes labeled as corporate “suites.” A bulky copy machine sits in the kitchen. In the living room, a woman in a headset answers calls and sorts bushels of mail.

A Reuters investigation has found the house at 2710 Thomes Avenue serves as a little Cayman Island on the Great Plains. It is the headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services, a business-incorporation specialist that establishes firms which can be used as “shell” companies, paper entities able to hide assets.

Wyoming Corporate Services will help clients create a company, and more:

– set up a bank account for it

– add a lawyer as a corporate director to invoke attorney-client privilege

– even appoint stand-in directors and officers as high as CEO.

Among its offerings is a variety of shell known as a “shelf” company, which comes with years of regulatory filings behind it, lending a greater feeling of solidity.


If you have the stomach for it, you can read more, HERE:




Why is it you NEVER see teabaggers/libertarian/GOP party members out protesting shit like this?



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2 of 2 – IRS budget spared as agency seeks revenue from TAX CHEATS

via: Bloomberg

The Internal Revenue Service avoided a $603 million budget cut proposed by HOUSE REPUBLICANS, preventing changes that could have cost the government $4 BILLION in UNCOLLECTED REVENUE.

Under the proposed spending bill released today, the IRS budget for fiscal year 2011 would be $12.1 billion, or 0.2 percent less than in fiscal 2010. That level would subject the IRS to the same across-the-board funding cut as all domestic, non-defense agencies.


Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who has called for the IRS to be more aggressive in pursuing offshore tax evasion, today said Congress should give the agency more resources.

“It’s going to hurt,” he said. “I think it’s a mistake. We ought to be INCREASING their enforcement budget instead of DECREASING it.”



“You must spend money to make money”

– Titus Maccius Plautus (c. 254 – c. 184 B.C.)

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1 of 2 – Feds FINALLY are getting serious about TAX CHEATS

via: New York Times

A client of the British bank giant HSBC pleaded guilty on Monday to offshore tax evasion as part of a widening government inquiry of banks that may help tax dodgers.

The case includes as co-conspirators five unidentified bankers, who according to the indictment worked at a large international bank based in Britain.

The defendant, Vaibhav Dahake, admitted in United States District Court in New Jersey to conspiring to conceal accounts in India.

Mr. Dahake is an Indian native who became an American citizen in 2006 and now lives in Somerset, N.J.

The plea comes days after federal prosecutors said that an HSBC unit in India potentially helped thousands of Americans to dodge taxes. Prosecutors are expanding the government’s inquiry of offshore tax evaders and their banks.


The government is requesting authority to serve a “John Doe” summons on the bank to obtain the names of an unknown number of individuals who may have engaged in tax fraud.

Prosecutors used the same John Doe summons strategy in their case against UBS, which ultimately settled government charges against it by paying $780 million and agreeing to hand over the names of nearly 5,000 clients to the United States.


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IRS – they’re coming after ya!

IF you make over $10Million

In 2009, the Internal Revenue Service announce plans to unleash a new enforcement unit called the Global High Wealth Industry, the goal being to better investigate the complex finances of America’s wealthiest taxpayers.

They weren’t kidding.

Recently released IRS statistics indicate that the federal government increased their audits of America’s richest taxpayers — those with incomes above $10 million — by 75 percent last year. Nearly one in five — 18.5 percent — of America’s richest households dealt with an audit. In 2009, the Global High Wealth Industry’s first year of operation, the IRS audited only one in ten of America’s richest taxpayers.

Complex tax evasion has become an increasing problem in recent years, with popular strategies including conversion of income into capital gains and stashing cash in Swiss banks.



Willie Sutton didn’t answer the question,why do you rob banks?’ with:

“Because that’s where the money is”


With that said, I think the IRS if FINALLY, getting it right.

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