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Having trouble strechhhhing your Social Security/Pension? Well hell, move to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Via: Buy (RENT) in Chiang Mai


Size : 60 sqm (646 sf)

Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : 2
Furnished : Fully
Airconditioned : Fully
Floor :
Location : Chareon muang Rd. Soi 8 (Soi Kai Daeng)

1y Contract :6,500 THB/month (6,500 @ 32.50 =  $200 USD per month!)
6m Contract : 7,500 THB/month


Nice 60sqm. condo for rent in PP Condominium with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  All come fully furnished , living room with open kitchen  Very nice and quiet place.

This condo is located close to Train Station and Super Highway. Only 10 minutes to Central Festival,Big-C,Makro and  Chaing Mai Bus terminal.


– See more at: http://www.buyinchiangmai.com/ppf-204.html#sthash.YJIAH2VJ.dpuf


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Pattaya – Two Indians (SEE PHOTO) Drugged and robbed at Central Pattaya Hotel

Via: Pattaya One


In the early hours of Thursday two Indian Tourists reported a suspected case of drugging and robbery to Investigators at Pattaya Police Station.

Mr. Sitting Bull aged 54 and Mr. Tonto  aged 41 told Police that they were staying at the Bella Express Hotel off the Central Pattaya Road. On the night of 4th June they had gone to the Hotel restaurant and planned to return to their room after their meal.

Inside the restaurant they were approached by two Thai women who sat and drank with them for a while and suggested they could join them inside their room and for an agreed fee could offer them sexual services. The two men agreed and took the women to their room.

The drinking continued inside the room and they consumed copious amounts of Beer. One of the victims did notice that one of the women was placing something inside the cans of beer but it was too late and the two men were rendered unconscious.

When the two men woke up on Thursday Morning they claim a total of 100,000 Baht ($3,030 USD) in cash had been stolen along with an IPhone worth an estimated 20,000 Baht ($606 USD).

Police later inspected the room and found used condoms and many cans of beer which were taken away for analysis. CCTV at the hotel was checked and Police are now searching for the two suspects who remain at-large –



personal thought:

Until I’m proved otherwise, I will continue to believe, sooner or later, EVERY moron in the world, will end up in Pattaya,



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Tired of living in the back of your brother’s truck – Well, Hell, move to Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Size : 30 sqm (323sqf)
Bedrooms : Studio
Bathrooms : 1
Furnished : Yes
Airconditioned : Yes
Floor :
Location : Charoen muang Rd. Soi 8 (Soi Kai Daeng)
12 month lease : 4,200 THB/month ($129.23 USD)
6 month lease : 4,700 THB/month ($144.62 USD)

Nice Studio Room for rent @ PP Condo. Fully furnished including air-condition, Flat-TV with TV stand, microwave, fridge, wardrobe, comfortable sofa, water heater, bed and mattress.

Good location close to Big C and Makro super highway and train station.

– See more at: http://www.buyinchiangmai.com/ppe-610.html#sthash.JPm4kaLq.dpuf

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Here’s what $835 per month will get you in Chicago, and what you get in Chiang Mai, Thailand





$832 for one bedroom right next to the University of Illinois at Chicago, sharing a fully furnished four-bedroom apartment with three girls.

Chicago has a generous affordable housing program and lots of subsidized units to provide, but a long waiting list sits between the applicant and a chance at living comfortably in Chi-town. The red tape includes a criminal background check, income verification and registration for the lottery system.








Officially launched on the 15 November 2004 Viangbua Mansion is the latest & newest room service apartment in Chiangmai Thailand  offered Deluxe Rooms Type 2 ($732 USD) fully furnished and built with luxury interior decor with contemporary Thai-Lanna Style – Northern Thailand Culture. These rooms are now open for reservation, booking & rental on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. These spacious deluxe rooms with 1 bedroom ( 1 Queen-size bed), 1 large living room, 1 bathroom (separated shower and bathtub). The details are as below:

86 sm  (916 sf) bedroom separate from 1 large living room & 1 bathroom)
Bedroom : One Queen-size bed, two table lamps.
Living room :  21″ television
Bathroom : Seperated Shower area and bathtub with water heater.
One spacious room (86 square meter) with standard inventories
: Bed basement 2 pieces, Mattress 2 pieces, Pillow & pillow case 2 pieces, Telephone set, Air condition with remote control, Sofa, sofa mattress, sofa pillow,  Lighting 2 pieces, Chair, Hot Water Machine, Curtain, TV 21″ Flat Screen with remote control, Refrigerator, Living room table with glass plate, Cupboard, Drawer, Bed Cupboard, Television Table, Key Card, Blanket 2 pieces, Cover bed sheet 2 pieces, Towel 2 pieces, Foot towel & Bed sheet 2 pieces.

Also include:

– housekeeping 3-days per week

– room service from the 1st floor restaurant

– 24-hour a day security


– cable TV





Still too expensive for you?

I understand.

Viangbua has bought, and FULLY REMOVATED a old student housing building. It now includes, WIFI and cable TV.


4,000 baht = $123 USD per month








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Tired of living in your Mom’s mobile home? Well hell then, move to Thailand!

Studio condo for rent, has just completed renovation, located in Chiang Mai city center.

The studio has been furnished with brand new and modern furnitures. The studio condo comes with a small tea kitchen, which makes it possible for you to make some food at home as well. The studio condo is for rent at a very low monthly price at 10,000 baht, which is a very low rent for a studio condo in this condition.


Area: 40SM = 431SF


1o,ooo baht @32.5 = $307.69 USD


See more photos of this unit, and details of other units available in Chiang Mai, HERE:







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U.S. Hospital – Comes to about a ‘$ per second’


‘CIGNA negotiates disconts with health care professionals . . .’

Discount = $0.00



NOTE: I’m retired, and have been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the past +8 years.

I have private FULL (physician, hospital and meds) medical insurance, no deductibles, and I pay LESS than I did for my co-payment in 2000.

And YES, my provider was CIGNA, the bastards!


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My latest, ‘HERO of the Day’




I retired at FIFTY-SEVEN (57), and so can you!

IF, you are willing to live somewhere less expensive; and it doesn’t matter where: Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Philippines, Thailand, >>>


My choice, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


‘Chiang Mai – Selected as one of the most affordable places to live (That’s right, AGAIN!)’



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Thailand gives radar data 10 days after plane lost

Via: Boston Globe


Thailand’s military said Tuesday that its radar detected a plane that may have been Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just minutes after the jetliner’s communications went down, and that it didn’t share the information with Malaysia earlier because it wasn’t specifically asked for it.

A twisting flight path described Tuesday by Thai air force spokesman Air Vice Marshal Montol Suchookorn took the plane to the Strait of Malacca, which is where Malaysian radar tracked Flight 370 early March 8. But Montol said the Thai military doesn’t know whether it detected the same plane.

Thailand’s failure to quickly share possible information regarding the fate of the plane, and the 239 people aboard it, may not substantially change what Malaysian officials know, but it raises questions about the degree to which some countries are sharing their defense information, even in the name of an urgent and mind-bending aviation mystery.

With only its own radar to go on, it took Malaysia a week to confirm that Flight 370 had entered the strait, an important detail that led it to change its search strategy.

When asked why it took so long to release the information, Montol said, ‘‘Because we did not pay any attention to it. The Royal Thai Air Force only looks after any threats against our country, so anything that did not look like a threat to us, we simply look at it without taking actions.’’

TEN DAYS – Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!



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Obamacare – NO pre-existing conditions – NONE!


Read the September 23, 2009 MSN Money article of how the insurance companies use to deny coverage.



Thank You Mister President!



For the last eight years, I’ve lived in Chiang Mai, Nothern Thailand, where I have FULL (physician, hospital, and meds) private health insurance.

I pay less than ‘my co-payment in 2000’, and I’ve never been denied a claim – NEVER!


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Pattaya – American suspected of shoplifting Goat Cheese (See Photo) from Supermarket


Via: Pattaya One

An American National, born in the Czech Republic, was arrested for the second time during his reported 15 year stay in Thailand, late on Tuesday Night, accused of stealing a 210 Baht packet of Goat Cheese from a North Pattaya Supermarket.

Police were called to the Best Supermarket by its owner, Khun Siriporn aged 65, after security guards had detained Mr. Frank Joseph Janalik aged 74 after he was seen by the guards attempting to leave with the Goat Cheese without making any effort to pay for the item. Security Camera footage of the alleged theft was also given to Police.

Khun Siriporn claimed Mr. Janalik had been coming to the Supermarket for a long time and she suspected he had been shoplifting on many occasions but he had yet to be caught-in-the-act. On this occasion she spotted the man and ordered her Security Guards to follow him.

At Pattaya Police Station Mr. Janalik claimed he has lived in Pattaya for 15 years. Police records indicated he had been arrested in February 2008 on charges of selling sex enhanc ement medication (that’s right, goat cheese + Viagra).

Mr. Janalik denied allegations of theft but was charged with the offence and was taken to the holding cells on the second floor of Pattaya Police Station.

He suddenly became combative and refused to enter the prison cell block. It took a number of officers to subdue the suspect and take him into the cells where he will be held pending further investigations.




personal thought:

If you don’t have enough money (210baht = $6.56USD) to buy goat cheese; do us all a favor, and stay the f*ck home!


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