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‘Photo of the Day’


Bodies of dead civilians lie among mangled bicycles near Tiananmen Square in the early morning of June 4, 1989.


personal thought:

A lot more happened that day besides the guy running out and stopping the tank.




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Boy on a Bike Becomes Moscow’s Tiananmen Image

Via: ABC News

MOSCOW – As a bloody skirmish between police and opposition activists in central Moscow was drawing to a close on Sunday a small boy on a tiny bicycle pedaled through the crowd and approached a line of hulking riot police.

He sat there for a moment, balancing on his training wheels, staring at the menacing troops who were decked out in blue camouflage uniforms and full riot gear, nightsticks at the ready.

A group of protesters who had been heckling the cops began jeering,

“Here’s the guy that will storm the Kremlin. Be ready boys! Here he comes!”



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