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Sewers are Socialism!


Via: NYT – Paul Krugman

I see that some commenters on my traffic externalities post are speculating what Republicans would say about sewers if they didn’t already exist. Well, we don’t know about Republicans, but we do know what The Economist said, in 1848, about proposals for a London sewer system:

Suffering and evil are nature’s admonitions; they cannot be got rid of; and the impatient efforts of benevolence to banish them from the world by legislation, before benevolence has learned their object and their end, have always been more productive of evil than good.

Sewers are socialism!

It wasn’t until the Great Stink made the Houses of Parliament uninhabitable that the sewer system was created.



‘Suffering and evil are nature’s admonitions; they cannot be got rid of’

Case in Point: We got rid of Ron Paul, and got ‘Ayn’ Rand Paul.


‘The Great Stink’ – wikipedia


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U.K. – banned ads

Via: Huffington Post


We like to joke that the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Agency is an old-fashioned complaint department, acting as a sympathetic ear to a small handful of pearl-clutching Brits.

But it turns out the agency, which specializes in banning (potentially) offensive ads, has fielded about 431,100 complaints in its 50-year history — that’s a lot of pearl-clutching. So which fashion ad has ignited the most controversy over the years?

Look no further than the ASA’s newly-released annual report, in which the agency happily reports its “top ten most complained about ads of all time.” There, nestled among the scaremongering PSAs and violent car adverts, is Sophie Dahl’s famous ad for Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume, which made a splash back in 2000.


See more of the ads, HERE:



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After all these years, …

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