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Virginia Group Raises Another Massive Confederate Flag (See Photo) Over Highway


Motorists traveling a major Virginia highway now have a second supersized Confederate flag to catch their attention, even though the first banner drew protests and debate.

The Virginia Flaggers, a group that celebrates the heritage of the Confederacy, raised the 20- by 30-foot (6- by 9-meter) battle flag on Saturday alongside Interstate 95 near Fredericksburg, some 60 miles (96.6 kilometers) north of the state’s capital of Richmond.

The group raised its first flag last year along the highway, immediately drawing complaints that it promoted racism and slavery, and leading 24,000 people to sign an online petition against its display.



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Social Secuity


“If you want America to be what we want it to be” – programs like Social Secuity and Medicare must be abolished.

Not ‘reformed’ – ABOLISHED.”

– Eric Cantor (R-VA)  – House Majority LEADER


Don’t let the Republicans take it away from you, Vote BLUE in 2014!



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Eric Cantor (R-VA) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


“If you want America to be what we want it to be” – programs like Social Secuity and Medicare must be abolished.

Not “reformed” – ABOLISHED.

– Eric Cantor – House Majority LEADER


Turn the House BLUE in 2014!


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Eric Cantor (R-VA) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


A party who believes in THIS, is WHY, Hillary Clinton WILL BE the 45th President of the United States.

Bank on it!


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the ‘War on Women’



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(2 of 2) Virginia – Republican candidate: Evolution false because chimps can’t talk


Via: Raw Story

The Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia believes that biological evolution is false because chimpanzees cannot speak like humans do.

BuzzFeed revealed on Tuesday that E.W. Jackson made the claim in Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life, a book he published in 2008.

In the book, he noted that scientists had taught chimpanzees to use sign language. He said this finding was wrongly used as evidence that primates were our ancestors. Jackson said the scientists were incorrect because spoken language was a gift God provided exclusively to human beings and “no other creature.”


Read more nonsense, HERE:



personal thought:

The GOP/Xristian Xrazies/GOP seem to me obsessed with chimps, apes, and other primates.

I’m thinking it must be a ‘sex thingy’, correct?



related post:

‘(1 of 2) Creation Museum founder Ken Ham (see photo) insists he is not an ape’



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GOP leader Cantor OPPOSES Senate ‘cliff’ bill


Via: Yahoo

The No. 2 Republican in the House leadership says he opposes a Senate-passed measure to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor (see GIF) told reporters after a two-hour closed-door meeting Tuesday with his GOP lawmakers that he did not support the bill.

He said House leaders were looking for “the best path forward” and that no decisions had been made.

The Senate passed the measure early Tuesday by a sweeping 89-EIGHT vote. House passage of the measure would send it to President Barack Obama for his signature. The bill would increase taxes on family income exceeding $450,000 and delay across-the-board spending cuts for two months.

House GOP leaders were considering amending the measure and sending it back to the Senate, but that step could  WILL produce a deadlock.



personal thought:

I believe the worse threat to the U.S. economy is in fact, the U.S. Congress!


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‘Romney’s Secret Plan to [Fill in the Blank]’ – Alan Grayson

Via: Huffington Post

I watched the presidential debate last night. There was a general absence of NASCAR moments, although Romney’s insistence that the president actually didn’t say what the president actually did say about the Benghazi attack came close. Leaving that aside, the impression that I was left with is that Romney is running a giant con game, and the American people are his marks.

Romney has a secret plan to cut unemployment.

Romney has a secret plan to eliminate the federal deficit.

Romney has a secret plan to cut the cost of higher education.

Romney has a secret plan to eliminate tax deductions and exemptions and credits.

Romney has a secret plan to cut federal spending.

Romney has a secret plan for equal pay for women.

Romney has a secret plan for health care reform.

Yeah, right. Whatever. And that was just the first 30 minutes.

Many elections turn on the issue of CREDIBILITY. This presidential race will turn on the issue of GULLIBILITY.

The Romney campaign begs the question:

Are we really so easily taken in?

Are we all babes in the woods?

Did we all just crawl out of the cabbage patch?

Has Uncle Sam become Uncle Sucker?

I hope not.


Alan Grayson




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It’s not open yet! But if you are ever on the East-Coast, and need a . . .

terrific place to stay, I suggest the:

Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast (the birthplace of James Madison)

There are several posts on Virgina Plantation wordpress blog; but I think this one might be the most helpful:




Q: Since you live in Thailand, are you planning to go to the Virginia Plantation?

A: Actually NO, because I plan to wait for the opening of the Northern Thailand ‘Belle Grove’ – hopefully, soon.




(the birthplace of James Madison)


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“Quote of the Day”

Via: Crooks and Liars

GOP VA House Speaker, William Howell, to female constituent:


”I Guess I’m Not Speaking in Little Enough Words For You”



personal thought:

It’s one thing to hear crap like this coming from, say, Rush Limbaugh; but quite another to hear it from a representative.




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