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Quirky Wall Street Journal Says Firing Government Workers May Lead To Higher Unemployment!

Via: Wonkette

We are sorry, but we do not know what has gotten into the formerly sensible Wall Street Journal. Just listen to this Communist nonsense!

“One reason the unemployment rate may have remained persistently high: The sharp cuts in state and local government spending in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, and the layoffs those cuts wrought.”

We are not buying it, Wall Street Journal!

Everybody knows government jobs come at the expense of private-industry jobs, and that is why Mitt Romney said we should learn the lesson of Wisconsin and have fewer teachers before saying it was “absurd” that anyone would say he said we should have fewer teachers!

The Journal (commie bastards!) takes from this report the bizarre notion that if more people had jobs, unemployment would be lower.

“The unemployment rate would be far lower if it hadn’t been for those cuts: If there were as many people working in government as there were in December 2008, the unemployment rate in April would have been 7.1%, not 8.1%.”



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Gomer says, ” …but mah heart says no”

Via: Wall Street Journal

“Ah the factors say go, but mah heart says no” . . . “Mah answer is clear and firm, dawgone it, ah will not seek th’ Republican nominashun fo’ president of this hyar year. Ah a-gonna gladly corntinue doin’ what I do.”

surprise, surprise, surprise!



‘corntinue doin’ what I do”

He also has made no secret of his fondness for the money he has made since leaving politics for good.

In addition to the Fox News show, he hosts a regular radio show and has writtten several books. Just this week, the best-selling author launched a new venture selling historical cartoons tailored to children.  In the opening to his show Saturday night, he taunted critics of the “Learn Our History” cartoons.

Fox News is owned by News Corp. as is the Wall Street Journal.



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