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Tom Perkins – ‘Billionaire Douchebag of the Day’


personal thought:

Jeez, these guys are coming out of the woodwork!

I figure it’s because of all the talk of ‘class warfare’; and damn right, they should be scared.


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The Republican Candidates’ Economic Agenda For The 1 Percent

Via: Think Progress




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For the Rich, Cargo Vans on Steroids

Via: New York Times

Steve Kantor admits that he likes to travel in style. He is an affable investment banker, concerned about flaunting his wealth, but he drives around Manhattan in what looks like a simple black delivery van.

Of course, most vans do not have chauffeurs, as Mr. Kantor’s has. Or a built-in office, custom installed.

“I have two big-screen televisions; I have a couch in the back that goes into a bed,” Mr. Kantor said. “I have four chairs that go back and massage you. It has a desk, a table and an intercom so you can have meetings in there if you want to.”

As the economy limps along and more attention is paid to the so-called 1 percent, some of the richest New Yorkers have taken to driving around in vehicles that ooze neither wealth nor privilege. But on the inside, the vans may be as lavishly decorated as the private railroad cars owned by turn-of-the-century industrialists.



for the longer commute:




No doubt; I mean, wouldn’t you?


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“Quote of the Day”

Via: Think Progress

I don’t say this lightly, but the consumer is simply an income stream and exploiting that is the purpose of the banking organization.”

– David Mooney (see photo), chief executive officer of Alliant Credit Union in Chicago, one of the nation’s larger credit unions, used to work at a one of Wall Street’s top banks, JPMorgan Chase.



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“We Are the 1 Percent” – Rep. Al Capone (R-IL)

the gif is via: ‘the stars are ageless, aren’t they’



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In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated

Via: New York Times

Publicly, bankers say they understand the anger at Wall Street — but believe they are misunderstood by the protesters camped on their doorstep.

But when they speak privately, it is often a different story.

“Most people view it as a ragtag group looking for sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll,” said one top hedge fund manager.

“It’s not a middle-class uprising,” adds another veteran bank executive. “It’s fringe groups. It’s people who have the time to do this.”


It will ultimately thin out, Wall Street types insist — especially when the weatherturns colder. They see the protesters as an entertaining sideshow, little more than flash mobs of slackers, seeking to lock arms with Kanye West or get a whiff of the antiestablishment politics that defined their parents’ generation.

“There is a view that it will be a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing,” said one financial industry official.



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(1 of 2) We HATE Poor People.


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