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Biggest Insect In the World Discovered

Via: ThirdAge

The biggest insect in the world had been discovered in New Zealand by an American explorer.

On New Zealand’s Little Barrier Island, an insect called the “weta bug” lives. It has a wingspan of 18 cm (7.1in), and The Sun reports that it weighs “as much as three mice.” Previously believed to have been extinct after the introduction of rats to New Zealand, the insect was discovered recently to the surprise of explorer Mark Moffett.

‘Three of us walked the trails of this small island for two nights scanning the vegetation for a giant weta,” said Moffett, as quoted by Indo Asian News Service. “We spent many hours with no luck finding any at all, before we saw her up in a tree. The giant weta is the largest insect in the world, and this is the biggest one ever found.”

According to the Daily Mail, there are over 70 different types of Weta species in New Zealand, but the Giant Weta is the largest. It is an example of island gigantism, since islands sometimes have so few predators that insects can grow to be enormous.

Moffett reports that when he found the insect, he fed it part of a carrot before putting it back in the tree.



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