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Parts of Yellowstone National Park CLOSED (See Photo)

Via: Raw Story


Tourists at Yellowstone National Park are being BARRED from areas of the park because the massive underground supervolcano beneath it is melting the asphalt roads.

“It basically turned the asphalt into soup. It turned the gravel road into oatmeal,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said. In particular, Hottle said that the road between the park’s most popular attraction, Old Faithful, and Madison Junction has been dangerously compromised.

Park officials also asked tourists not to hike into the affected areas, as the danger of stepping through what appears to be solid soil into boiling-hot water was “high.”




“Why didn’t Obama see this coming?”

Sean Hannity – Fox News



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So Mr. Harrelson, “Tell us, what you really think?”


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