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American Work Effort

Via: Humans of New York


“Today I’m suppose to meet my manager my new job, get a physical, and study for the SAT’s.  But I think I’m just going to head to the skate park.”




“It’s a good job”



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NYC Concierges – ‘How may we hate you?’



GUEST: I need a salon appointment. Wash and blow on Saturday at 12.

(Concierge makes appointment.)

CONCIERGE: Alright. You are confirmed for a wash and blow at [NAME OF SALON] for Saturday at noon.

(GUEST rolls her eyes.)

CONCIERGE: Is that alright?

GUEST: Well, I’m just very dubious about the quality of a salon that actually has space at 12 on a Saturday. Is there another one you recommend?

CONCIERGE: So you want me to recommend a salon that won’t have space at the time you’re requesting?

GUEST: Yeah.  Let’s try that.


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Retirement – ah, how sweet it is!


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