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Stan Laurel

Via: Tywkiwdbi

Always gracious to fans, he spent much time answering fan mail. His phone number was listed in the telephone directory, and fans were amazed that they could dial the number and speak to Stan Laurel…

When [Dick] Van Dyke was just starting his career, he looked up Laurel’s phone number, called him, and then visited him at his home.


Let’s make a list of all current Hollywood film stars whose phone numbers are listed.  You start.



Stan Laurel – wikipedia



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So, does that mean Jesus is no longer taking their calls?

Via: Politico


And outside the Capitol, the top Republican leaders, including Chief Deputy  Whip Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) engaged in a PR campaign to win over conservative  interest groups and opinion-makers.

The Republican leadership trio has privately reached out to conservative TV  personalities like Sean Hannity and Brit Hume, and Wall Street Journal editorial  page editor Paul Gigot, National Review’s Kate O’Beirne, Stephen Hayes of The  Weekly Standard, David Brooks of The New York Times, George Will, Laura  Ingraham, Mark Levin, and groups such as The Heritage Foundation, among others,  have all heard from Republican leadership. And even former House Majority Leader  Dick Armey (R-Texas), the chairman of FreedomWorks and a tea party favorite, got  a call from GOP leaders.



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There’s Nothing’s Wrong with Bachmann Spending $4,700 on Makeup

Via: Atlantic

Michele Bachmann has spent at least $4,700 getting her hair and makeup done since she declared she’s running for president June 13, campaign finance disclosures show.

Mother Jones‘ Andy Kroll says that this could be Bachmann’s “own John-Edwards’-$400-haircut moment,” given the Republican’s “crusade against government spending and her demand that America live within its means.” But it seems like this is closer to her own Sarah-Palin’s-$150,000-wardrobe moment where a female candidate is deemed unserious because she tries to meet to the demands of high-definition television cameras- in this case, by not letting her pores show.



Auugust 28 – June 13 = 45 days

$4,700 / 45 = $112 per day

Yeah, sounds about right.


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Marcus, is that you?

Via: Historic Indulgences

ca. 1896, [gentleman in exotic lady’s costume], Richard von Krafft-Ebing





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